One of my passions as a writer is finding a way to express someone else’s vision, history or journey with both accuracy and depth of feeling. Here are a few of my favorites from recent years:

Silent War (published in South Magazine, Dec. ’15/Jan. ’16)

Inside Hackenberg (published in State College Magazine, Sept 2015)

Stripped (published in South Magazine, June/July 2015)

Dr. Sex 31410: Sex Is Not a Four-Letter Word (published in South Magazine, Nov/Dec 2014)

The Writer’s Life (published in State College Magazine, August 2014)

Kevin Dare’s Legacy (published in State College Magazine, June 2014)

A Year of Documenting Us (published in State College Magazine, November 2013)

Brooklyn/Bluffton Author Darin Strauss: Sharing Secrets With Strangers (published in Hilton Head Monthly, March 2011)

Herbert Ford: From the Island to the CIA and Back (published in Hilton Head Monthly, Feb. 2011)

Courage of Conviction: Profiles from Messiah’s Past and Present (published in The Bridge, Fall 2009)

Champion Swimmer in Fight for Life (published in The Island Packet, Sept. 2007)