Parenting and Families

I’ve covered varied topics about parenting and families in my time as a freelance writer. I’m a regular blogger for The Huffington Post Parent website and have had parenting essays featured on several other sites. For several years I wrote a syndicated column on family finances for regional parenting publications in the U.S. and Canada.

Here are a few samples of my articles and essays focused on parenting and families:

‘Cat’s in the Cradle’ Brings Generations Together … In Shuddering Sobs (The Washington Post, Feb. 2017)

Siblings Are Our First, and Forever, Best Friends (The Washington Post, June 2016)

Here’s Why We Have to Stop Labeling Our Boys (The Washington Post’s On Parenting, Feb. 2015)

Technology Has Ruined Some Key Lessons We Learned In the ’80s (Club Mid, April 2015)

Waging the Gun War, One Hug at a Time (BonBon Break, March 2015)

remaining-true-blue-most-important-trait (The Giants Insider, October 2016)

Santa IS Coming (published in Hilton Head Monthly, December 2013)

Survey Says! Moms — and Dads — Are Arsenals of Knowledge and Anxiety (Central Penn Parent, May 2011)

How Families Put Prayer Into Practice (Central Penn Parent, March 2011)

The Car Cart (Skirt! magazine, October 2010)

A Call for an End to Candy Tampering (Hilton Head Monthly, October 2010)

The Life of a Military Family (, November 2010)

The Buzz About Cell Phone Safety (Central Penn Parent, October 2010)

Leg Up Farm: A Dream Come True (Capabilities, Summer 2010)

Birthday Parties on a Budget (Central Penn Parent, July 2009)

Building a Positive Body Image (Central Penn Parent, November 2009)

The Struggles and Triumphs of Interfaith Families (Central Penn Parent, March 2009)

Teaching Kids the Importance of Saving (Central Penn Parent, April 2009)

It’s True: Babies Do Grow Up Fast (The Island Packet, Sept. 3, 2007)