As a professional writer, I have experience in just about every type of writing. I spent several years in daily newspapers, working my way up to features editor and weekly columnist. But I’ve also written and edited for magazines and business newsletters. I’ve written radio commercials, video scripts, website content, business blogs, marketing materials, and textbook manuals for healthcare software. I’ve written two books. I’ve written blog posts, wedding readings and sappy poetry. I’ve even written those advertising messages you hear on the phone when you’re put on hold.

In 2007 I quit my newspaper job to focus on a new one — motherhood. I quickly discovered the hours are longer and the pay is on a whole different scale.  Now the mother of two young boys, I’m blessed to have the writing and editing skills and experience to be able to work as a freelancer from home, surrounded by that barely controlled chaos that comes with raising kids.

I started my personal blog I’m Just Sayin’ for kicks back in early 2006 when there were no children on the horizon (that I knew of…). Slowly the blog has evolved into a whole different thing, with a new name — Holding the Strings — and a more well defined focus. That is to say, I write mostly about my kids. I am now a regular Huffington Post blogger, and my work has been featured on The Washington Post, NickMom and BonBon Break, among others.

To stay healthy, I follow a strict “Eat Chocolate Every Day” diet and I dance around the house a lot with my boys. (Their current favorites are Gaslight Anthem, Michael Franti, Hillsong and Raffi; I’m trying to get them to love Led Zeppelin as much as I do, but so far Plant’s voice kind of freaks them out.)

I could go on, but really this very early, pre-kids blog post sums me up pretty well.

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